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The Struggle is Real and So is Your Fear

Believe me, I can relate.

It was years before I was able to transcend the emotional trauma that I experienced as a child. Being told that I was not good enough, that I was ugly and that I was powerless left me hiding and seeking for validation outside of myself.

I struggled to find my way, trying on several careers, always seeking to find my purpose. Always waiting for someone “more powerful” to step in and rescue me out of the abusive situation that I was living in. When no one came, it became easier to stay in the shadows, never truly looking at myself in the mirror…avoiding going too deep into my pain.

With time I knew how to mimic what other people valued as being beautiful, successful and worth praising. I was desperate to please everyone around me and had no relationship with myself.


Then I hit rock bottom.

The breakdown that I had been avoiding led me to my biggest breakthrough. And I realized that I had the power all along.  I realized that I had to become the SHERO of my own story.

I realized who I had been waiting for was me. And everything changed. It can change for
 you too.

Sacred & Sovereign

What does it mean to be + FEEL sacred & sovereign?

  • It’s about owning your beautiful spiritual gifts
  • It’s about cultivating more self-LOVE
  • It’s about knowing in the deepest parts of
  • you that you.are.worthy
  • It’s about embracing your unique truth and tapping into the power of your intuitive wisdom.

You don’t have to be on this journey alone soulsiSTAR! If you are ready to be supported, invest in a single, 1:1 immersion.

Spiritually Unleashed Academy

The Spiritually Unleashed Academy was created to help you…

  • Deepen your spiritual communion
  • Own your mystical gifts
  • Access your Soul’s wisdom and
  • Live your divine purpose in your life and in your sacred work

Come on over to the Academy and find the Soul medicine that you crave!

Rising Goddesspreneur

Embark on an akashic journey that pulls guidance directly from your Records as you heal, awaken, transform and take inspired action.  This offering is for the Goddesspreneur like you who desires a longer, more expansive alchemical experience, with magickal gifts woven in to support your business journey.

This isn’t about strategy, it is about SOUL + ENERGY. In all of my years of being in business, what I have learned is that strategy will not get you to where you desire to be. But doing the inner work, knowing how to package + price your gifts, having a clear vision about where you are going, what you do + why, sharing your unique story, claiming your sovereignty and feeling inspired to take action…well that will get you the dream and then some!

This is a highly customized experience. It begins with a complimentary session to get crystal clear about where you are now, where you desire to be and how we will get there, together.

Grab your walking stick and begin your journey through the deep, sacred places of your Soul.

Join my community of women, leading with soul + guided by heart!

Join the Rising Goddesspreneur community. 

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