As a Shaman-Priestess, I am dedicated to your healing at a Soul level, through the Akashic Records. Working from that ethereal space, I am not limited by any one practice or modality. What is important is that you feel that you are being held in sacredness throughout your journey as you experience real results. Experience freedom from the restrictive blocks and the repetitive patterns that sabotage you and elevate your joy, success and spiritual growth to a whole other realm!

Totemic Medicine Wheel Session

Immerse yourself in animal magick and personal development through a customized Totemic Medicine Wheel. Travel through the layers of Soul-Spirit to find your zone of power. Activate your Souls powerful blueprint to help you navigate your life with intention and purpose.

Vision Quest Package

Embark on a Vision Quest journey that will take you through different gateways of healing while providing spiritual mentorship and the energetic tools that you need to develop your intuition.


Academy of Ancient Wisdom

The Academy of Ancient Wisdom was created to help you…deepen your spiritual communion, own your mystical gifts, access your Soul’s wisdom and live your divine purpose in your life and in your sacred business.


Grab your walking stick and begin your journey through the deep, sacred places of your Soul.

Now let the journey begin…

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