Is your soul ROARING yes?

Give way to your inner Priestess Wild Woman as we shape-shift through a 12 week journey that will include:

Shamanic journeying

Akashic records work

Priestess activation

Intuitive guidance

Soul retrieval

Deep healing

Sacred ritual

Clearing + releasing

Fireside reflections (homework)

This Energetic Vision Quest will celebrate and honor the fire that forged the Priestess that you are, how you want to actively participate in your life and set the intention for where you want to go.

Our Quest begins during our first initial session, as we dive into your Souls’ needs. I then present to you via email your 12 week Soulmap  with everything that we will cover during our time together outlined week by week. 



– Six bi-weekly, 1.5 hour private sessions via Zoom or Skype
– Recorded calls
– Email check-ins within regular business hours
– Exclusive, VIP access to the Academy of Ancient Wisdom, Sister Circle for support and to enhance your 12 week Vision Quest

Sister, let’s connect and chat about where you are and how I can help you get to where you deeply desire to go.

I am so grateful that I connected with Stacey and said, “Yes!” to working with her.  Having had some less than stellar experiences with previous coaches, I can admit a part of me was a bit nervous to commit to coaching again.  Working with Stacey has been like no other coaching experience I’ve ever had.

Stacey has a beautiful gift of creating a safe, sacred space for your work together.  With this gift, she invites and supports you in opening up, uncovering your blocks, and discovering the longings of your soul.  With her nurturing yet powerful guidance, she works with you to heal, moving beyond these wounds and into the life you were born to live.

From my work with Stacey, I clarified my business vision and took the action needed in order to transform my dream into my current reality.  I went from wanting to have my own business, to now being a business owner and working with clients I absolutely love.

While I thought I was working with Stacey on my business (and I did reach my desired results), I think the most meaningful part of my work with Stacey has been her impact on how I see and treat myself.  Through our work in the Akashic Records, Stacey helped me to recognize and heal wounds that were holding me back.  Beyond this, she supported me in developing spiritual and self-care practices that continue to nourish my soul and all of who I am.  I am leaving our time together with a greater sense of self-worth and a greater commitment to showing up and serving those who need the love and light I have to share.

– Becky McCleery

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