How it works:

This single session is customized for each person’s energy and current journey. I will send you a questionnaire to fill out, that will give me an idea of what we will be creating together. Your answers will also guide me in creating a journey that will serve you in the most powerful way possible. All guidance + intuitive wisdom is pulled directly from your Akashic Records, so that everything we discuss is in pure alignment with your heart and soul. 

Once your payment has been made, you will receive an email with the questionnaire + a link to schedule your session with me. 

By choosing to work with your Akashic Records, you are allowing your beautiful SOUL to fulfill its purpose in a powerful way.  And when you flow in Divine Feminine cycles, you open yourself up to the natural rhythms of your primordial TRUTH. You also eliminate overwhelm by focusing on the areas of healing that are relevant in your life and business IN THE HERE AND NOW. 

I’ve been where you are…ready and fed up and ready to heal the old BS that comes up every. single.time I tried to shift my spiritual business and up-level my life. My past is filled with traumatic experiences that caused deep wounding in my soul. My reality was filled with depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders and so much pain. Yet I was so focused on serving other people, I barely stopped long enough to dive into the healing that my own soul craved.  When I hit rock bottom, I knew I had to make a decision. It came down to either continuing to wait for someone else to step in to save me, to give me a magic pill that would solve everything and tell me what to do.  Or I could choose a new way…step out of victimhood into SHERO status, take control of my own healing and finally do the work I felt deeply called to do. 

Can you guess which choice I made?

Now on the other side of all that trauma, my life is completely different than it was!

I manifested a move to an island near the beach in Savannah, GA….my DREAM city- all daily living expenses completely covered by my Hubby’s company.
>I manifested a gift weekend trip to Dallas!  I traveled alone for the first time to meet my Coach, have my hair transformed by her at her beautiful vegan salon and I attended her Goddess Circle, which was filled with over 20 powerful goddesses! (this after hiding behind my computer for 4 years!)
>I’ve lost a dress size organically and without trying. Because as I let go of the trauma in my heart + soul, my body released its need to protect itself with food.
>I’m almost fully transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, which is something I never thought I could do.
>I tore down my business and rebuilt it to align fully with my new empowered self.
>I am simply happier, healthier, more evolved and so much more in touch with my purpose + how I desire to serve the world with my spiritual gifts.

  If I can heal, I BELIEVE you can too!

 This 90 minute session will help you activate your purpose so you can birth your sacred work into the world!


1.) I know that questions often pop up after a session. And sometimes you simply need a little bit of extra support when it comes time to take action. I want to be there for you sister! So I have added a complimentary 30 minute follow-up call that you can claim up to 30 days after your session is complete.

2.) You’ll get instant access to my vault of mini 4 week courses, Galactic Star Woman via my Teachable academy!  This contains training, channellings, meditations + pdf workbooks. Themes range from Sacred Geometry basics to Business Priestessing, Witch + Shamanic pathways and more! It’s SIX MONTHS filled with magickal goodness presented in bite size bundles that you can go through quickly and easily. 

We can dive into 1-3 of these themes:

Business Alignment

Spiritual Path

Divine Feminine Healing

Wealth Embodiment

''STACY IS THE FUCKING SHIT!!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD...I NEVER LAUGH AS HARD AS I DO WITH medicine is laughter. She's a gem and a half. A rare diamond. She's taught me to believe in my dreams deeper than anyone else, she's helped me get deeply connected to God and my heart and my passion and my purpose. She's helped me with relationships, she has helped me stand in my power...I could go on and on...She's super fun. I made $20k in a week shortly after working with her. She's a blast. Hire her.''


''I've had the honor of receiving multiple Akashic readings and healing's from Stacey M Fruits, but the one I received from her a few days ago was nothing short of magical. Stacey, the shifts you've made recently are so beautiful, so powerful, and so enlightening to me and the rest of this community. The pain and loss I felt in my womb has since subsided. I feel peace where I felt severe guilt. You've given me such a gift. Thank you for stepping into your Shamanism fully and being a clear channel for Source and empowerment to us all''




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