No matter what I pursued, I was always also following a spiritual calling. It seems that I was born with one foot in this world and the other constantly craving a connection with other realms.

My spiritual and intuitive gifts were nurtured from a very young age by my Aunt Sandy and Grandmother Carmen, who were dedicated, spiritually devout women.

Most recently, my path as a Curandera  (Shaman) became clear when my Great, Great Grandmother started appearing to me in dreams. At first I had no idea who she was, but when I told my Abuelita about those dreams, she knew right away that it was HER grandmother- Mama Zoila! She was both shocked and delighted and started to fill in the blanks for me.

As it turns out, my Great Great  Abuelita, Mama Zoila-was a direct descendant of the Taino indigenous people of my homeland, Puerto Rico. In her time she lived off of the land, growing various sacred herbs to use in her healing remedies. She also grew her own coffee and loved to share café con leche along with good conversation with her neighbors. Mama Zoila served the people in her village in many different ways. Most of all she was devoted to the traditions that united her family.

As a woman in my 40’s, I have been through a lot of pain and I have experienced great loss. I’ve been led through very dark and emotionally painful healing initiations. Most of which occurred this very year.

Often I wanted to take the easy road out of spirit-ville and do something “normal” with my life. But I learned that when it comes to healing soul wounds and embracing the Curandera’s way there is no such thing as easy. Growing a spiritual biz or walking a spiritual path is hard work! You just have to commit and see it through. So that is what I did and continue to do.

I’ve spent my life learning and training in different healing modalities and intuitive-spiritual pathways. Spirituality is my life and my biz. It is what I rely on, believe in and trust to see me through anything.

Lucky for me, I was blessed to marry a man who supports the light and the shadows of what I do.  And my little girl completes my triquetra of love!



''Stacey, thank you so much for my amazing Akashic Reading. This was my very first reading of this kind and surpassed all of my expectations! You kindly took me back through past lives and explained the creation of blockages that I didn’t know existed but could clearly see the pattern in my present life. You helped bring love, light, healing and peace as only an earth Angel and lightworker could. Thank you so much for being one of my favorite connections to the Spirits, Masters, Angels and loved ones. Your pure heart and kindness are a blessing to me and will be for many others.''

Allison B.

''My Animal Totem reading with Stacey was absolutely amazing! Several animal guides came through, and I have begun to work with them. The information Stacey brought forward from them was so helpful and specific, and Stacey is so warm and intuitive, the entire experience was incredibly fun, informative, and full of insights! Thank you so much for this offering!''

Linette C.

''I've had the honor of receiving multiple Akashic readings and healings from Stacey M Fruits, but the one I received from her a few days ago was nothing short of magical. Stacey, the shifts you've made recently are so beautiful, so powerful, and so enlightening to me and the rest of this community. The pain and loss I felt in my womb has since subsided. I feel peace where I felt severe guilt. You've given me such a gift. Thank you for stepping into your Shamanism fully and being a clear channel for Source and empowerment to us all.''

Britny W.

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